Gallery Talks & Lectures

Artist talks, art history lectures and panel discussions are offered throughout the year in conjunction with temporary and permanent exhibitions.

November 11, 2014


Meet the Artist: Sanford Biggers

Meet Sanford Biggers in person at the Everson on Tuesday, November 11, at 6.30pm. Reception follows on the plaza.

The films Shuffle and Shake form the first two parts of Sanford Bigger’s Odyssean trilogy about the formation and dissolution of identity. The work features Ricardo Camillo -- a Brazilian-born, Germany-based choreographer, stuntman, clown and DJ -- as he walks from the favelas (or shantytowns) of Brazil, to the ocean before finally transforming into an androgynous silver-skinned figure. Though the final imagery is straight out of Afrofuturism, recalling the specific costuming and aesthetics of P-Funk, it is remains extraordinarily human at the same time, referencing the soul searching of Greek mythology.

Artist Open

Artist Open exist to provide a space for expression, dialogue, and collaboration of local artists across disciplinary boundaries. Audiences will enjoy performances in visual art, poetry, screen writing, video, dance and music in an intimate, bistro-like setting. Artists share their work through presentations, gallery walks, video screenings and original works of art, and invite questions from audience members.

No Artists Open is currently scheduled.

Contemporary Film Series

The Everson Contemporary Film Series brings film as an art form to the Syracuse community and presents local, national and international film and video that would not otherwise be screened in Syracuse. The film series often includes guest filmmakers, outdoor screenings and student video presentations. The Contemporary Film Series is made possible with public funds from the New York State Council for the Arts, a state agency.

No Contemporary Film Series are currently scheduled.