Reintroducing the Everson Museum of Art

“Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards in a rapidly changing world.”

– Lauren Bacall


Reintroducing the Everson Museum of Art

Welcome to the Everson Museum of Art’s newly redesigned website and brand identity. We are incredibly excited to provide visitors with an enhanced user experience that allows us to better engage with everyone in our community.

The Everson is changing – and as we evolve, our website and branding need to evolve too. Our goal was to create a visual manifestation of our values. With this aim, we carefully considered the pillars of our work that should guide us through this process. We’d like to share those with you here and hope that you’ll find them reflected in your interactions with this new site and the Everson as a whole.

Community-centered: The Everson is a community-powered institution that is open, inclusive, and welcoming. We strive to be a source of local pride that people feel is their own.

Vibrant: The Everson provides active, dynamic, exciting opportunities to engage with art, artists, and educational offerings. Its one-of-a-kind physical space is home to a wide range of community activities. Our collection and programming are alive and reflect the ongoing evolution of the institution.

Pioneering: The Everson has a long and continuing history of firsts, and is constantly exploring new avenues that are bold, innovative, and experimental.

For Wonder: The Everson fosters curiosity and surprise in visitors of all ages. It provides an unfurled environment where new perspectives and possibilities are born.


We are for growth. We are for change. We are for progress.

We are…


For Artists. For Community.
For Everyone

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