Intro to Digital Illustration – Using Procreate for the iPad

Intro to Digital Illustration – Using Procreate for the iPad 


Thursday, October 5 and 12, 2023 

$48 Member | $60 Non-Member 

catJoin us for this two-part course, for a general introduction to Procreate, a popular digital drawing software used on the iPad by many contemporary artists.

The course will take students through sketching techniques that will provide the tools to explore Procreate and streamline the sketch-to-final process of any digital artwork they seek to create.

Using Procreate techniques and tools, students will complete the sketch process for a small spot-sized custom sticker illustration and begin to explore basic color palettes to apply to the sketch. 

Students will explore basic technical concepts such as layers, creating and coloring linework, importing reference photos in Procreate, and more concepts students can use to take their work into the digital world.  

The Everson can provide the iPad, Apple Pencil, and Procreate software for the class. Students are also welcome to bring in their own.

Artist Bio: 

Katie Mulligan is a freelance illustrator originally from Syracuse, NY.

Her educational experience was split between the School of Visual Arts and Syracuse University. Her work has received awards from American Illustration and 3×3, and clients have been widely varied and have included the Syracuse Poster Project, Wyrmwood Gaming, the Georgia Museum of Art, etc.

She enjoys working with all kinds of concepts and tying them into imagery related to the natural world.  

To learn more about Katie Mulligan, visit or follow her on instagram @ktmulligan. 

About Procreate:  

Procreate is a digital drawing software for use on the iPad. Popularly used in the illustration industry, Procreate has many brushes and tools that can streamline the art-making process. Some of the brushes and tools in the program can mimic traditional brushes and pencils, while others create completely unique digital effects. Procreate is compatible with the Apple Pencil and most iPads. 


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