Everson Winter Arts Camp: Common Ground (Ages 8-12)

February 20–24, 2023

Half Day Camp
Morning Session: 9:00am–12:00pm
Afternoon Session: 1:00–4:00pm
$120 Members | $150 Non-Members

Full Day Camp
$244 Members | $305 Non-Members

Everson Winter Art Camp 2023

Join us for the Everson’s 2023 Winter Art Camp: Common Ground. Inspired by the Everson’s latest exhibition, Common Ground, which showcases ceramic pieces from around the world, students will learn about cultures and traditions through objects found within the exhibition.

Over the course of five days from February 20–24, students will embark on a journey to create their own world fully imagined with maps, characters, cultures, and institutions through artistic disciplines such as ceramics, sculpture, songwriting, costume-design, painting, digital drawing and illustration, and more. Our talented and creative teachers will facilitate each student as they let their imaginations run wild

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During the week, students will have a special visit virtually by artist Neil Tetkowski who created the “World Mandala” monument which is on display at the museum and will act as inspiration for the student’s projects. As an artist, Tetkowski asked, “What would happen if you took earth from all countries and blended them together?”  

In response, Tetkowski asked all 188 member states of the United Nations to send him local clay or sand samples from their countries. The ambitious project took a year and a half, but in the end, he reached his goal, receiving packages of clay from around the globe, along with photos of the individuals and groups in the act of gathering them.

He cataloged all the samples and combined them to make one “world clay.” This special world-clay mixture was used to create the first sculpture in the series, entitled the World Mandala Monument, a 10-foot sculpture that was shown at the United Nations visitor’s lobby, and is now on display at the Everson Museum of Art!

Download the Common Ground Family Guide here!

common ground world mandala by neil tetkowski on display at the everson museum

Common Ground

Common Ground uses Tetkowski’s World Mandala as the centerpiece of an exhibition that showcases the Everson’s vast collection of world ceramics. From ancient Mesopotamian and Greek pottery to contemporary Zulu beer brewing vessels and a life-size terra-cotta horse built by Indian priests, the Everson’s collection traces the evolution of ceramics across cultures over thousands of years. Common Ground uses ceramics, one of humankind’s oldest art forms to remind us of our shared bonds with the earth. 

Important Information and Required Forms

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Camp Policies and Procedures


The Everson Summer Art Camp reserves space in each of our classes for financial-based scholarships to remove barriers of access to our camp, and museum resources. The Scholarship Application Form can be found here. Please contact us at [email protected] or call (315) 474 6064 x324 with any questions. 

Drop-Off and Pick-Up 

  • Drop-off is between 8:45–9:00am for Morning Half Day or Full Day sessions and between 12:45–1:00pm for Afternoon Half Day sessions. Please notify the Everson if you are running late. Guardians may be asked to pay a $10 fee if child is dropped off significantly past this time period. Guardians must physically walk their child inside of Education Center and will be asked to sign-in. 
  • All students must be picked up between Noon–12:15pm from the Morning Half Day session, and 4:00–4:15pm for the Afternoon Half Day or Full Day session. Please notify the Everson if you are running late. Guardians may be asked to pay a $10 fee if child is picked up significantly past this time period. Guardians must present a photo ID for the Everson to release the child. More details about pick-up authorization can be found in our Camp Protocols section. 
  • The closest bus stops to the Everson is at South State St. & Harrison St. The following transit lines have routes that pass near S.State St & Harrison St: AUB38 , SY36 , SY52 , SY58 , SY62 , SY82 , SY88. 

Camp Protocols 

  • Only authorized adults will be allowed to pick up your child from camp. The Everson will under no circumstance release a student to a babysitter, nanny, other guardian, or friend unless we have written permission from a primary guardian. The presentation of a photo ID is required for us to release a child during pick-up. The Pick-Up Authorization Form can be found here. 
  • Full Day campers will receive snack and lunch breaks. Please pack a lunch that does not need to be refrigerated. The Everson will provide a small, individually bagged snack and juice box. Half Day campers during the morning or afternoon sessions will not receive a lunch break, but will be provided with a snack break. Due to food allergies, sharing of snacks and any nut-based products are prohibited. Campers should bring their own water bottles each day as there will not be access to a water fountain. 
  • Art camp can get messy! Please have your child wear appropriate attire. 
  • Anyone who feels ill, is running a fever, or is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, must stay home. If anyone should test positive for COVID-19, please notify the Museum immediately so proper health measures can be taken. 
  • Unless you have specific permission, guardians may not stay during the camp. It can be distracting for students. 
  • If a student demonstrates disruptive behavior, teachers and staff will try to positively redirect that behavior. If the inappropriate conduct continues, the guardian will be notified and may be asked to pick up the student. 
  • On the first day of camp for both Morning Half Day and Afternoon Half Day sessions, camp instructors will lead campers on an emergency preparedness and evacuation drill. 

Refund Policy 

  • No refunds are available less than two weeks before the camp begins. Refunds are transferable to another course (depending on availability) or 50% refundable. 
  • We are unable to initiate a refund after the course begins. 
  • No refunds or credits will be issued for missed camp days. 

Cancellation Policy 

The Everson reserves the right to cancel any camps with low enrollment no less than a week before the class. The Everson has the right to cancel camp sessions if two or more campers from separate homes test positive for COVID-19.  

Funds are transferable to another course or will be 100% refunded. If the Everson must cancel camp due to Covid-19 the museum will refund for days missed.  

Medication and Allergies 

  • Fill out the Medication Authorization Form and deliver electronically prior to when the camp begins. This form is an editable PDF. You can download, add in your information, save it, and then email it to [email protected].   
  • Deliver all medication to the Education Office in the original prescription bottle or in clearly marked containers with a second printed copy of the Medication Authorization Form attached to the container.   
  • Verbally communicate with camp Director and staff regarding specific instructions for medication.  
  • Medication will be held in the Education Center office.  
  • Medication given throughout the day will be recorded on a Medication Log Form which will be signed by camp Director at the end of each day.   
  • Campers with allergies must fill out the Allergy Information Form and deliver electronically prior to when the camp begins. 
  • Guardians of campers with Epi-Pens or inhalers must also fill out the Medication Authorization Form 
  • Epi-Pens will be kept in a red first aid bag that will be within 5 feet of camp instructor at all times. While our staff is trained to administer Epi-Pens, all campers age 8-12 will be expected to be trained on self-administering. 

Everson Winter Art Camp DEAI Statement

  • The Everson Winter Art Camp curriculum will include activities, themes, topics, and the presentation of contemporary and historical artists and artworks from a non-Eurocentric perspective, centering the curriculum on cultural appreciation rather than cultural appropriation.   
  • The Everson Winter Art Camp will employ teachers and teaching assistants from a diverse array of backgrounds, allowing our campers to learn art from individuals who not only look like themselves but who can teach art from a diverse array of viewpoints.   
  • The Everson Winter Art Camp will educate its teachers with the tools and training they need to combat inequalities in their classroom to ensure our students feel safe and respected.
  • The Everson Winter Art Camp will acknowledge, honor, and respect the indigenous peoples connected to the land on which we gather by including their stories and experiences within hyperlocal activities or discussion. 
  • The Everson Winter Art Camp stands behind and supports the ability of campers to use bathroom facilities and pronouns that align with their gender identity.
  • The Everson Winter Art Camp will not tolerate any bullying along the lines of race, class, gender, or ability that could cause children, staff or parents to feel physically or emotionally unsafe.
  • The Everson Winter Art Camp will diversify its outreach practices to offer our camp content and museum resources to a large array of constituents in our community.
  • The Everson Winter Art Camp will hold space in each of our classes for financial-based scholarships to remove barriers of access to our camp and museum resources.   
winter arts camp at the everson starts february 20, 2023