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A Tale of Ice and Fire

Impacts of Climate Change in the Arctic

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Melissa L. Chipman, PhD
Assistant Professor
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Syracuse University

Special Earth Day Lecture

Chipman will give a presentation showing reconstructions of fire and permafrost thaw in the Arctic, share stories and imagery of how this type of research is carried out in the field, and answer audience questions about how climate change is impacting Arctic systems.

She will bring lake sediment cores so that the audience can see what they look like and explore how they are interpreted, as well as prepared samples to look at under the microscope to see what material is used to reconstruct environmental change through time.

Melissa Chipman is a professor at Syracuse University and will share her research and experiences exploring climate change in the Arctic.

She is paleoecologist who uses lake sediments to reconstruct how tundra ecosystems have responded to climate change over thousands of years.

Melissa and her students works primarily on understanding fires and permafrost thaw in Alaska and Greenland, and have seen first-hand the dramatic changes occurring in these landscapes.

melissa chipman

Melissa L. Chipman, PhD

melissa chipman