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I LOVE ME, by Tina Dillman  
Thursday, February 9, 2023
Free with Museum admission

I LOVE ME is an interactive performance by multidisciplinary artist Tina Dillman, that explores the realm of self-care through game-like exercises, where participants will choose their own path of adventure, while engaging and exploring the museum from a different perspective.

Since it is the time for love, this piece will ask you to expand your awareness and understanding on the importance of self love and care. Inspired by the artist’s life and her realization that even following your passions (art) can burn you out.

In recognizing that the notion of taking care of oneself is not something that we are taught nor have ever been encouraged to undertake, she would like to share ideas of ways that we can better show up for ourselves, so that we are able to show up for others.

And, in the end, there is no better gift than (self) love.

i love me by tina dillmanTina Dillman entered this world as a creative person. As Her life unfolded She learned that She had many interests and abilities. With the support of Her blue-collar parents telling Her She could do anything and everything, She found that art could be her vehicle for the change She wanted to see in the world. She had mentors that demonstrated what life could be like if you followed your heart and mind, and let the power of art act as a catalyst to change the environment around you. By getting to know Her community She figures out what the people and artists need and utilizing Her skill set She creates a solution. Being extremely resourceful as an independent She has been able to start and operate city-wide art walks and alternative art spaces in Oakland, CA; galleries, event spaces, and art residency programs in Buffalo, NY; and during the pandemic She founded a roaming outdoor arts salon in Pittsburgh, PA that paid artists whom She believes are always the vulnerable ones-mothers, women, queer, and non-white people working in dance, music, literature, comedy, visual and performance, a stipend to present new work to a live, safe audience. As of the Spring 2022, She returned back home to where it all began in Central New York, and currently is a resident of the Gear Factory in Syracuse.

tina dillman