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Laura Reeder: Now More Than Ever

Now More Than Ever, the inaugural exhibition for the CNY Artist Initiative, is an evolving installation of over 2000 digital images captured over the past ten years as artist Laura Reeder moves through her everyday life. The photos are taken everywhere—at work, in cities, in nature, while housekeeping, at meals, and as pauses or interruptions in a moment. During a pandemic, digital images connect us to each other. By presenting images in a physical space, Now More Than Ever offers respite and resistance to our sense-dulling digital lives.

Exhibition Space

Dr. Laura Reeder investigates ways that people learn from each other and from the earth. She walks, draws, documents, and cultivates in-between spaces to resist the allure of glowing screens. As a teacher, activist, and arts education consultant, Reeder empowers people to make meaningful use of their own creativity.