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Salt City Abstraction

Salt City Abstraction features modern and contemporary abstract artists from the Everson’s collection that have lived and worked in Central New York, including Juan Cruz, Robert De Niro Sr., Darryl Hughto, Margie Hughto, James Ridlon, Susan Roth, and many others.

Inspired by the museum’s concurrent retrospective of Syracuse-born Bradley Walker Tomlin, Salt City Abstraction features the work of modern and contemporary artists that have lived or worked in Central New York. Whether born in the Salt City itself, attending or teaching at a local university or college, or simply choosing to settle in the area, each of the included artists has embraced variations of abstraction while working in their own particular styles and mediums. These two and three dimensional works drawn from the Everson’s collection affirm the museum’s longstanding commitment to celebrating regional talent alongside that of national artists, a tradition which extends to the museum’s founding more than a century ago. This focused look at abstraction highlights the significant impact that Central New York artists have made to the history of art both local and beyond.

Robert De Niro Sr. Portrait of Virginia (Portrait of the Artist’s Wife), 1952-53. Oil on canvas, 33 ½ x 34 ½ inches. Gift of Goldian and Andre Vanden Broeck