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Socially Gifted: 75 Years of Gifts from the Social Art Club

Founded in 1875, the Social Art Club is a women’s club dedicated to the study of art in a group setting. The Club has an extensive history of supporting the Everson, including financial support for the acquisition of some of the Museum’s most iconic pieces, such as Adrian Saxe’s Untitled vessel from 1980, which graces the cover of the Museum’s American Ceramics catalog. Over the past decade, the Social Art Club’s gifts have strengthened the Everson’s connections to Central New York through donations of work by indigenous and regional artists.

Adrian Saxe, Untitled, 1980, Porcelain, 12 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, Everson Museum of Art, Gift of the Social Art Club in memory of Anna Wetherill Olmsted, 81.24