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The Creatures Among Us

Animals have been the subject of art for millennia, beginning with ancient cave paintings made over 35,000 years ago. From scientific renderings of nature’s wondrous creatures to depictions of livestock and beasts of burden, to commemorating our beloved four-legged family members, artists have recorded the many roles animals play in our world. The Creatures Among Us celebrates our enduring fascination with animals by presenting a selection of diverse works—some not seen in years—drawn from the Everson’s collection.

Joan Hang Smith. Raccoon, 1952. Earthenware, 9 ½ x 18 inches. Gift of Richard V. Smith, 17th Ceramic National, 1952

The Everson Museum of Art is hosting a
donation drive through February 5, 2017
for the Central New York SPCA.

Guests receive free admission
to the Museum with a donation of
pet supplies for CNY SPCA.

The Museum will accept dog leashes,
cat treats and toys, clay cat litter,
paper towels, bottled bleach, and other
items that are on the SPCA’s “wish list.”