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TR Ericsson: I Was Born To Bring You Into This World

TR Ericsson uses the story of his mother to present a searing, soft, and complex portrait of post-industrial life in America. Ericsson constructs his work using traditional art materials such as canvas, bronze, photography, and clay as well as video, found objects, and heirlooms taken from his family archives. This exhibition is a specific reinterpretation of Crackle & Drag, Ericsson’s ongoing project started during the years following his mother’s suicide in 2003.

I Was Born To Bring You Into This World begins as an intimate encounter with an artist’s family archive and becomes a potent opportunity to reflect and scrutinize the trials and tribulations of our own lives.



TR Ericsson. Susie (with ice cream), ca. 1954; printed 2017. C-print. Dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist