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Faceted Wrap by Derek Porter


Derek Porter is a multi-disciplinary designer working in architectural lighting and product design, where he focuses on the use of light within various scales of the built environment.  His work considers subtle aspects of human perception and the presence of light within spatial contexts.

The Everson is thrilled to be commissioning a brilliant installation by Derek Porter titled Faceted Wrap. Watch the animated rendering below for an introduction to the immersive experience his design will bring to the Everson. This sensory-pleasing installation will transform the Everson’s dim and nondescript Kilburg Family Staircase into a brilliant, light-filled space.

Why is this so important? This stairwell connects visitors to all of the treasures on the Everson’s lower level, including its renowned ceramics gallery, recently renovated auditorium, and vibrant education center. Derek Porter’s incredible design concept rises to the many visitor challenges we face in this corner of the Museum in the most beautiful way. Faceted Wrap will be an attraction as riveting as Pei’s amazing spiral stairway and invite people to explore an entire level of the Museum that is often overlooked, but completes the overall visitor experience.

Faceted Wrap offers an entire experience. Thousands of individually-oriented mirrored reflectors capture isolated moments of the surrounding scene and fragment them into abstracted pixels of color and light, collapsing recognizable relationships of the interior and human movement into a provocative kaleidoscope of dynamic pattern. The familiar is recontextualized for the viewer to provoke curiosity and new awareness of place.

The Everson has set a goal of $50,000 to install Derek Porter’s Faceted Wrap in 2022. To make this a reality, we need your help! Please help us reach our goal by donating today.

Top and bottom views of current stairwell.

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