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CNY Artist Talk: Manuel Matias

June 26: Member’s Council Gallery
No Registration Required

Join us for an inspiring talk with Manuel Matias at the Everson Museum of Art! Manuel will be sharing the stories and inspirations behind his captivating exhibition, Alphabet City Chronicles. Hear about his journey from the vibrant, gritty streets of NYC’s Lower East Side to the meticulous creation of his intricate miniature worlds. Discover how his childhood memories, social commentary, and artistic process come together to create these thought-provoking pieces. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear firsthand from the artist, ask questions, and gain deeper insights into his compelling work. See you there!

Manuel Matias: Alphabet City Chronicles
Manuel Matias was born in Puerto Rico and raised on New York City’s Lower East Side in the 1980s and 1990s, a time when drug addiction and violence made daily life a struggle. For Matias, art provided solace from the chaos that swirled around him. He remembers drawing on the walls of his apartment while waiting for his parents to come home and he remembers the attention of friends and neighbors who recognized his talent. Besides filling countless sketchbooks with graffiti designs, he also designed flyers for a neighbor’s hair-braiding business.

Matias is now a parent himself. He often reflects on the dizzying process of gentrification in his old neighborhood that has now displaced most of his neighbors and replaced the corner bodegas and record stores with artisanal markets and luxury boutiques. In 2019, Matias turned to creating miniature tableaus of these disappearing streetscapes. His tiny replica of a hyperrealistic garbage can that conjured the sights (and smells) of his childhood was the first of an ever-expanding series of sculptures that grow from kernels of memory embellished with humor, activism, and wry social commentary. Alphabet City Chronicles invites viewers both to imagine entering Matias’ miniature worlds and to reflect on their own memories and experiences.

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