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Freefilmers Presents: Drifters

Join us for a film screening in the Everson’s Hosmer Auditorium.

Thursday, April 14, 2022
Free with Museum Admission

*This program contains nudity and may not be suitable for children under the age of 18.

Freefilmers Presents: Drifters is a selection of short experimental films produced between the years 2017-2020 by members of the artist collective, Freefilmers. It is a walk through different Ukrainian land, time, and mindscapes. The journey starts in the future, 2068 in Mariupol, Eastern Ukraine, then travels back to 2018 in the Carpathian Mountains in the West, Zaporizhzhia in the East, Kyiv in the center, and comes to an end in Mariupol as it was just before the Russian military aggression and war in Ukraine started. 

This walk is supposed to be an act of remembrance and witness of the places of living, loving, and belonging. Some of these places no longer exist.


About Freefilmers

Freefilmers is a collective of filmmakers and artists originally from Mariupol, Ukraine. For the past five years, they have been working with topics of urban transformations in East Ukraine, researching the working-class creativity and the industrial past and present of post-socialist cities. Recent projects have focused on memories and archives beyond official historical narratives and gender violence in the patriarchal capitalist society. 

Due to recent events in Ukraine, Freefilmers have reconfigured their activity. Here is a recent statement from the Collective.

It is true that losses of human life are enormous. As of March 20 almost 3000 deaths of civilians have been confirmed in the city of Mariupol, which has been besieged by the Russian army since the beginning of March. Currently the most important sequence on our timeline is not about movies, but mainly about building a network of solidarity and support for Ukrainians suffering from and fighting against the Russian imperialist aggression. We have already held solidarity screenings of our films in many countries: the Netherlands, Slovakia, Estonia, Switzerland, Belgium and Great Britain. 

With the funds that we are raising in our campaign, we launch microbuses with humanitarian aid from the Western border of Ukraine to the east of the country. We have already brought several tons of essentials to the Ukrainians in war-stricken areas. We transport sleeping bags and backpacks, second-hand laptops, headlamps, canisters for potable water, medicines, sam chest seals and tourniquets. 

Another focus of our current activities is to provide help specifically to the artistic communities from the cities in East Ukraine whose needs we are monitoring. We provide assistance for evacuation and relocation. And also, we are planning to launch an assistance program as soon as we can be certain that they are safe and their basic needs are met.

If you would like to support our efforts, your donations during this event will be appreciated.

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