Everson Teen Arts Council

This is a fantastic opportunity for teens from Onondaga, Madison, and Oswego Counties to work directly with an arts organization, gain valuable experience to add to their resume, and learn about career paths in the arts. ETAC is a year-long commitment.

The Everson Teen Arts Council is a partnership between the Everson and teens from local school districts, offering a safe platform for teens to share their voice, work with their peers, and engage with the greater community. The Teen Arts Council provides dynamic leadership opportunities to create meaningful and relevant programs and exhibitions, while giving teens space to explore identity, build skills, and prepare for college and careers.

ETAC meets every other Wednesday (twice monthly) from 4:00—5:30pm from September 2022 to June 2023.

How to Apply

*We are now accepting applications for the next session (October 5, 2022 – June 7, 2023).

How to Apply
Application Deadline: September 15, 2022

  • Fill out the online application HERE.
  • Submit two letters of recommendation.
  • Complete a 500-word essay with the following information:
    • Tell us about yourself!
    • Describe your interest in the arts.
    • Consider one issue affecting your community or peers that you would like to see change.
    • Discuss an experience you’ve had working as part of a group. What was your role? Were there any problems or conflicts? If so, how were they resolved?

Applications must be received by September 15. Applicants will be contacted for an interview and selected by September 19. The first session begins October 5.

ETAC members will receive a complimentary one-year membership to the Museum.

Questions? Contact Director of Learning & Engagement Adam Carlin at [email protected].

The Everson Teen Arts Council is made possible through the generous support of David and Nancy Ridings, the Syracuse City School District, and John Ben Snow Memorial Trust.


2021 Everson Teen Arts Council Virtual Exhibition: Uncharted Territory

This exhibition explores the different ways in which teens sought out joy amidst the chaos of 2020. The Teen Council is a partnership between the Everson and teens from local school districts, offering a safe platform for teens to share their voice, work with their peers and engage with the greater community.

Everson Teen Arts Council Interviews

Interview with Fabiola Jean-Louis

Our 2020-21 Teen Council takes over the interview series and poses several questions to artist, Fabiola Jean-Louis. Together, they discuss the thought process behind Jean-Louis’ current exhibition, Rewriting History, at Point of Contact Gallery, what she hopes viewers take away from the experience, and the all important question of who she would have dinner with, dead or alive.

Interview with Ahmed Badr

Caitlin Albright sits down with poet and social entrepreneur, Ahmed Badr, to discuss his new book “While the Earth Sleeps We Travel: Stories, Poetry, and Art from Young Refugees Around the World.” Ahmed describes the importance of providing space for people to creatively tell their stories, his fellowship performance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and his plans for continuing the work of his organization.  “While the Earth Sleeps We Travel” also features poetry by Teen Council alumna, Khadija Sharif.

Interview with Hillerbrand + Magsamen

Caitlin Albright speaks with the husband and wife artistic duo, Stephan Hillerbrand and Mary Magsamen, based in Houston, Texas. Stephan and Mary discuss how their own home has become the subject and backdrop of their work, which they describe as “suburban fluxus”. They describe how they’ve done everything from tunnel through the walls, put a trampoline in their son’s bedroom, and build a three story spaceship in the backyard. Stephan and Mary also share the importance of shifting your perspective as an artist to make use of the space that surrounds you.

Interview with Vanessa German Part 2

Vanessa German’s interview continues with a discussion of her ARThouse project in her Pittsburgh neighborhood. She also shares the invaluable advice that young artists need to pay attention to themselves, notice what brings them joy or fear, and the importance of trusting yourself.

Interview with Vanessa German Part 1

Caitlin Albright sits down with artist and activist, Vanessa German. Vanessa discusses how the act of creating played an integral role in her upbringing and how she uses her art today as a source of love, grace, and empowerment. In this two part interview, Vanessa delves into the idea behind her Power Figures series and what these figures represent to her as a Black queer female artist.

Interview with Mildred Beltre

Caitlin Albright is joined by artist and activist Mildred Beltre for a discussion about the unique role artists have in the fight for social justice while also noting that art alone is not enough to bring about change. Mildred challenges museums to question how they can be more inclusive and think about the steps they need to take to diversify their staff and visitors. She also shares valuable advice for young creatives who are navigating the art world.

Interview with Bryan Fernandez

Caitlin Albright is joined by one of her first Teen Council students, Bryan Fernandez. Bryan is currently pursuing a career in the arts and discusses how artists can use their voices to advocate for change in our society. Bryan shares about his own involvement in the Black Lives Matter protests and gives advice on how museums and cultural institutions can use their own platforms to support people of color through the arts.

Interview with Davana Robedee

Caitlin Albright speaks to the Schweinfurth Art Center’s Program Director, Davana Robedee. Davana discusses her experience of dealing with life in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and it’s similarities to our current situation with Covid-19. She also shares advice on how to develop a skillset to further your career in the arts and the challenges and rewards of her current position.

Interview with Karen Convertino

Everson Registrar, Karen Convertino, joins Caitlin Albright for a discussion about the challenges and joys of maintaining the Museum’s collection. Karen also discusses how her college and internship experiences influenced her interest in the arts and how she maintains her own jewelry making business outside of the Everson.

Interview with Ariana Dibble

Caitlin Albright sits down with Ariana Dibble, the Everson’s Graphic Designer. Ariana discusses how she turned her passion for art into a career, the types of skills and experience a graphic designer needs to be successful, as well as the most challenging and rewarding parts of her job.

Interview with Steffi Chappell

Caitlin Albright is joined by the Everson Museum’s Assistant Curator, Steffi Chappell. Steffi discusses how she turned her lifelong interest in the arts into a career as a curator, how her role requires her to work with several museum departments, and shares advice for anyone curious about pursuing this field.

Interview with Kimberly Griffiths

Caitlin Albright sits down with Kimberly Griffiths, the Everson’s Curator of Education. Kimberly discusses how her background in Studio Art eventually led to a career in Museum Education, the importance of communication skills in her line of work, as well as her favorite and most challenging aspects of her role at the Everson.

Interview with Meirav Ong

Caitlin Albright speaks with artist Meirav Ong. Meirav reflects on how she developed her interest in the arts, her tips for exhibiting in galleries, and the importance of learning to trust yourself as you pursue a creative career.

Interview with Catherine Underhill

Caitlin Albright talks with the Everson’s Director of Development, Catherine Underhill, to discuss the skills and educational experiences that helped her find success in her career, the traits she looks for in an intern, and how flexibility is essential in the arts.

Interview with Katie Shulman

Caitlin Albright, Education Coordinator, sits down with current MFA student, Katie Shulman. Katie discusses how her interest in the arts developed, returning to her studio practice after a hiatus, and how the current covid-19 pandemic has impacted her work.

Interview with Devon Vander Voort

Former Teen Council student, Devon Vander Voort, discusses choosing her major, how she landed her internships, and her experience studying abroad in France. Devon shares her tips for success and what she’s learned while navigating an education in the arts.