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Color is an essential therapy for those cold and gray Central New York winters. The Everson embraces this with Chromania, a riot of kaleidoscopic color guaranteed to chase the winter grays away. In the wake of Impressionism, twentieth century artists developed a range of strategies to explore and employ color. Painter and educator Josef Albers taught that all color is relative, meaning that the appearance of a color can change based on other colors it is surrounded by.

Beginning with Albers’ iconic Homage to the Square series, Chromania explores how subsequent generations of artists in the Everson’s collection employ color in ways that are subjective and expressive as well as scientific and systematic. From the precise geometry of Peter Pincus’ ceramics to the animated gesture of a painting by Jackie Saccoccio, Chromania provides dazzle and inspiration during the long months of winter.

chromania color therapy
chromania exhibition at the everson museum